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Almost every insurance plan (including Medicare)  have  required documentation of a 6 week or 3 month attempt at conservative treatment of vein symptoms under a physician’s supervision.  This becomes a problem near the end of the year when a person wants their treatment before the end of the year to avoid a new deductible.  Call for your Free Vein Screening today, and we will determine your vein needs and any insurance requirements.

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Varicose veins may cause leg achiness, heaviness, fatigue, and disrupt your ability to sleep at night due to restless leg or cramps.  The old treatment of vein stripping is obsolete.  The standard treatment for venous insufficiency (veins whose valves are not working) is ablation with laser or radiofrequency.  This treatment may be completed in the office and is usually covered by insurance.  The recovery is quick and has minimal discomfort.  It has proven results that are excellent.

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Excel V CoolView over LCDSCREEN handpieceWith summer coming, many people would like their spider veins treated.   We are able to eliminate unsightly veins using a combination of sclerotherapy and topical laser.  The sclerotherapy involves injecting an FDA approved substance into the veins causing them to become solid, and then shrink away over about 8 weeks.  The needle used is tiny, and the process is nearly painless.  The Cutera Excel V laser we uses new technology to close the vein with less sensation of the treatment and protection of the skin with cooling.The healing process requires 2 to 3 months, and during this time the veins may actually be darker and there may be bruising.  To assure we achieve the best result possible, we routinely plan a clean-up visit after the healing period.

We hope you will like the changes that our new website offers.  Vein treatment offers people who suffer from varicose veins, spider veins, leg swelling, or other vein conditions a better quality of life.  The treatments available at Green Bay Vein Center include laser and radiofrequency ablation, laser treatment of spider veins, sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy, and diagnostics with in office duplex ultrasound.  Call us now for your Free Vein Screening…..(920) 965-1008